Tuesday, 4 July 2017

The Penner Punch

Popeye beats up a whole building full of bruisers in Can You Take It—and turns one into a celebrity in the process.

A mug in a suit of armour gets punched out by Popeye. The suit of armour turns into a stove. I like how the metal doesn’t just go up and come down as a stove. It bounces on the floor first and then goes up again.

Where’s the mug in all of this? His head pokes up from one of the burners and he shouts “You naaaasty man!” Yes, Popeye turned the palooka into comedian Joe Penner (also known for the phrase “You wanna buy a duck?”), with Penner’s voice. The guy rolls his eyes and sways his head during the scene, one drawing per frame. None of that kind of effort would have been put in years later because of the cost.

I like the gun hanging on the wall.

The song “You’ve Got to Be a Football Hero” is heard in the background. Myron Waldman and Tom Johnson get the rotating screen credits.

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