Friday, 7 July 2017

Ballooney Joe Penner

A gooney dunce lets the psychotic pincushion man into Balloon Land, resulting in his own death, in a cult cartoon by Ub Iwerks.

As a bonus, the moron turns out to be a Joe Penner impersonator. “You naaaasty man!” he points and exclaims just before the pincushion man pops him, and his balloon head flies away.

It was released September 30, 1935.Motion Picture Daily reviewed the cartoon in its issue of October 24th.

"Balloon Land"
Done in Comi-Color, this cartoon should be found interesting by the audiences that enjoy these efforts. The story is about a land where all is of balloon-like nature and the terror is the Pincushion Man who goes about with a lot of needles puncturing as he goes. His assault on the town and eventual defeat makes for a novel twist. The color effects are well done and pleasing to the eye. Production Code Seal No. 1297. Running time, 7 mins. "G."

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  1. Great voice work by Billy Fletcher as the Pincushion Man.