Thursday, 6 July 2017

Be There?

“Be thar anyone man enough to sit in a poker game with Colonel Shuffle? Well? Be thar?”

Quick pan to the left.

“There be.”

Bugs and the Colonel from Mississippi Hare. Peter Alvarado is responsible for the backgrounds.


  1. As fun as Billy Belcher's voice work is, this always has felt to me like a cartoon Mike Maltese had written with Mel and Yosemite Sam in mind, but was changed when he went with Jones and Tedd Pierce went with Freleng after their writing team partnership ended (we finally would get to see the Jones unit animate Sam, but a decade later and with Ken Harris at the helm of a cheater cartoon penned by Maltese).

  2. That always was a fun bit, especially with Bugs and Yosemite. Walking toward each other....only the sound of their spurs...and Bugs breaking the fourth wall; " Just like Gary Cooper ".