Friday, 28 July 2017

Daffy Duck Fear Take

Daffy Duck tells his mobster kidnappers he can’t lay a golden egg. They respond by putting guns into his face.

Here’s the take.

Emery Hawkins joins Friz Freleng’s regular animation crew of Art Davis, Ken Champin, Virgil Ross and Gerry Chiniquy in this cartoon, Golden Yeggs (1950).


  1. Very good..Stan Freberg does a cameo as the REAL layer of the egg, a MALE goose..anmd Porky only appears at the beginning, so the bil-ing (duck, get it?) goes properly to Daffy..also the Avery "ubiquity" gag is used with the gangstyer, who debut here.Steve

    1. It sounds like Freberg as the voice of the butler bringing a cleaned-and-pressed Daffy (who tried to escape through a laundry chute) back to the mobsters. ("Your laundry, Sir.")