Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Legging It Out

Sometimes, mistakes managed to get through in animated cartoons. We’ve pointed out cases here on the blog where a cel or two would be missing and a body part would disappear, or a cel would be photographed in the wrong order and there’d be a bit of a jerk in the animation.

There were colouring mistakes, too, that slipped through. Here’s an example in the Woody Woodpecker cartoon The Screwball (1943). Woody was all kinds of colours in his early appearances. His legs and feet are supposed to be a shade of orange-yellow, but they become blue like much of the rest of his body for two frames (which are used in a cycle). You can see one of the frames below.

La Verne Harding is the only credited animator, and Woody looks pretty good in some of the scenes. Too bad the gags aren’t stronger and the pace isn’t faster.

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  1. Single-frame errors like coloring mistakes or missing details are usually unnoticeable - but if they occur in a cycle, they do stand out!