Friday 21 August 2015

That Left Toin

You know the gag so well, I don’t need to explain it. So here are the consecutive frames of the burrowing Bugs Bunny surfacing in a middle of a bull ring in Bully For Bugs.

Bugs looks around and realises something is amiss therein.

You know the next line.

Is this Ken Harris animation? Ben Washam and Lloyd Vaughn are the only other credited animators. I suspect Dick Thompson and Abe Levitow were assisting in the unit at the time. The cartoon is full of the kind of masterful expressions that are in the best Chuck Jones shorts.


  1. This is Lloyd Vaughan's animation, Yowp.

  2. Which cartoon has Bugs asking directions to "the Coachella Valley and the carrot festival...therein?" I think of it whenever I hear about the Coachella music festival (do they ever have a carrot festival?).

    1. It's this cartoon -- Bugs asks the question to the fleeing matador just before his tail gets steamed up.

  3. 8/22/15 Wrote:
    The familiar line of "I knew I should've taken that left toin at albequerque" also influenced "Animaniac's" writer Tom Reugger and voice over Rob Palsen to inspire Yakko to quote a similar line from Bugs' in the 1990's from their cartoon about double-crossing a vampire who wanted to bite sister Dot's neck. Only the line Yakko quoted was changed to : "I knew we should've taken that left turn at Kennebunkport", referring to Kennebunkport, Maine, where George H.W. Bush raised his family during the 1950's.