Tuesday 18 August 2015

One of Those Corny 'B' Pictures, Eh?

Screwy Squirrel is about to clobber Meathead the dog when his cartoon is interrupted.

In another great routine, Red Riding Hood and the wolf come out of nowhere to interrupt the action. Screwy explains to the wolf he’s in the wrong cartoon—with the assistance of the previously-seen title cards pulled out of nowhere.

The whole routine is topped when Screwy and Meathead briefly inhabit the world of Red Riding Hood, with none of its characters anywhere to be found.

Heck Allen helped Tex Avery with the story in this one.


  1. 8/16/15
    One Of 'dem corny "B" pictures, huh, Mr. wolf?
    Not with a loose cannon like Screwy hanging around in it. As for a "Z Grade" wolf, well.........maybe he failed to audition as one of Tex Avery's wolves that harassed Red Hot riding Hood.