Thursday 20 August 2015

Lantz Designs, 1956

Flatter character designs were in animated cartoons everywhere by the mid-‘50s. Here are some examples from Woodpecker From Mars, a Walter Lantz cartoon released in 1956 and directed by Paul J. Smith. request:

The Lantz cost-cutting is evident, too. All the characters are stationary except for the heads of the ones in a straight-forward view along the street. Lantz also reuses animation of the Walter Winchell caricature from Termites From Mars.


  1. I'm genuinely disappointed you didn't include an image of the military officer with the huge schnoz.

    1. I should have checked back sooner - Thanks!

      Funniest thing in the entire cartoon, in my opinion.

  2. La Verne Harding, Robert Bentley and Herman Cohen animated this Woody Woodpecker short from 1956.