Tuesday 4 August 2015

Him Go That Way

Bugs Bunny portraits a native stereotype as he tricks Yosemite Sam to (once again) fall off a diving board in High Diving Hare. Bugs has lots of expressions while Sam looks around, somewhat confused.

Pete Burness worked on this cartoon, along with Friz Freleng’s regular animators of the later ‘40s, Virgil Ross, Manny Perez, Ken Champin and Gerry Chiniquy.


  1. This scene was animated by the great Gerry Chiniquy. I'm sad you didn't profile the second half, with Sam straightening his posture before taking off guns a-blazin'. One of my favorite pieces of acting in any cartoon.

  2. Mel's "Thank-e stranger," line caps off the routine, as Sam is uncharacteristically polite and greatful for the information, before running off the diving board.

  3. Was this, perhaps, the ultimate source of the online term "freeping," as in willful and deliberately targeted online attacks against suspected or imagined opponents of paleo-conservative ideology, sometimes to the point of scripted?