Friday 7 August 2015

Bluto Baloney

The end gag of “We Aim To Please” (1934) sees Popeye’s spinach-fueled punch turn Bluto into a baloney.

Willard Bowsky and Dave Tendlar receive screen credits. The best part of the cartoon is Sammy Timberg’s title song with lyrics by Jack Scholl. Timberg wrote some great music for the Fleischer cartoons and deserves more recognition.


  1. Bluto being turned into an inanimate piece of meat in this cartoon and Bluto basically being an innocent dupe who gets an undeserved beating while Wimpy pulls off his scam a little over a year later in "What, No Spinach?" to me always came off as a little disturbing and a little unfair. But they would mash up the two plot lines 22 years later for one of the better late Popeye cartoons, "Spree Lunch" (including reuse of the flying food gag from "We Aim to Please")

  2. ...and for good measure, Bluto whimpers like a dog---"hot dog", that is.