Tuesday 11 February 2014

The Flying Glasses

Animator Mark Kausler once pointed out director Jack King used a shock take where a character’s hat would fly off someone’s head, turn 360 degrees in mid-air and land back on the head. King did it with something else in the 1936 Warner’s cartoon “Hollywood Capers.”

Oliver Owl’s glasses do a leap and dive. Here are some of the drawings.

You’ll notice Oliver’s chair is not an inanimate object. Alas, the idea of random articles being alive that made a lot of early ‘30s cartoons so much fun was a dying breed.

Chuck Jones and Ham Hamilton are the animators. Jones would soon escape to the Avery unit.


  1. Wonder if Tashlin was in King's unit at the time. He may have been with Hal Roach at the time, but it still makes me wonder.

  2. Variety says:
    * Tish Tash, syndicated cartoonist, joins Roach studio writing staff as gag man. He has been assigned to Charles Chase unit. (November 12th, 1935)
    * Frank Tashland, cartoonist known Tash, is off the Roach payroll, where he has been for the past year as staff writer. (February 13th, 1936) (no reason given)
    * Frank Tashlan (Tish Tash) comic strip artist for Consolidated Fea tures has been engaged by Leon Schlesinger to work on 'Loonie Tunes' and 'Merrie Melodies.' Tashlan recently was a gagger at Roach.(April 4th, 1936)
    Wasn't he at Iwerks before going to Roach?

    1. Yes, he was. Evidently, he was a very fast animator there. He would animate in the mornings, then take the rest of the day off (which including working on the VAN BORING comic).