Tuesday 18 February 2014

Heartful Departure

When Chuck Jones used drawings of hearts in cartoons with skunks, especially in the late ‘50s, he was full of sticky sentimentality. When Tex Avery did it, he was trying to be appropriate. How else would Cupid pop out of a scene?

Animation in “Little 'Tinker” is by Bill Shull, Walt Clinton, Grant Simmons and Bob Bentley. Cupid is voiced by the guy who did George in the George and Junior cartoons.

By the way, why is it that in cartoons, skunks smell all the time?


  1. Skunks in cartoons seem to have glands control problems, though from personal experience, I tend to react the same way if I see one waddling near my office at night when I'm walking out the door.

    (Along with Willoughby-on-the-matresses to close "Of Fox and Hounds", this is probably the 'sweetest' ending to a cartoon Avery ever allowed himself. Of course, he had a little leeway, since everything that came before was as far away from Jonesian cuteness as possible.)

    1. That ending is sickly sweet but I suppose he had to cut the little guy some slack.