Friday 28 February 2014


Something creative is always going on in the mind of Felix the Cat. In “Romeeow” (1929), he is, at first, bashful as he stands on a flagpole attached to Juliet the Cat’s balcony.

He decides to make the two of them ice-cream cones using the tops of some nearby buildings for the cones and a cloud above for scoops of ice cream.

They clink cones like glasses.

But the girl cat is a sloppy eater, so Felix protects himself from her cone droppings by having his tail sprout an umbrella. One gag rolls into another non-stop.

The silent Felix cartoons from the late ‘20s always seem to have something worth watching. It’s a shame they’re not restored and available for people to see and get an idea of the kind of joy Felix brought to audiences 85 and 90 years ago.

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  1. I agree of course, but there's a persistent rumor pretending that Steve S. is currently working on a boxset containing most of the surviving Felix silent shorts ; I don't know if it would be an official release, but Don Oriolo is involved. So I knock on wood, let's wait and hope...