Monday 3 February 2014

Disappearing Fingers

Celebrity caricatures abound in the Walter Lantz cartoon “Hollywood Bowl” (1938). There’s elaborate arm-waving by many of the singing stars, but one of them keeps losing her fingers.

You can see them pretty clearly in these drawings.

But later in the musical sequence, Martha Raye’s hands turn into clumps.

She’s the only one I noticed in the cartoon who becomes deformed.

Frank Tipper and Merle Gilson are the credited animators.


  1. I noticed something similar with the hands/arms in 1933's "I've Got to Sing A Torch Song", particularly on the dancing girl, who appears to have flippers. Tipper isn't credited there, but he apparently was at Warner Bros. at that time, and almost immediately after that began getting credits when Tom Palmer left and Earl Duvall took over directing duties.

  2. Mike Kazaleh says this can often happen when clean-up assistants don't watch it. Anyway, I'm sure no one noticed until today.