Thursday, 6 February 2014

Boop BGs

Devon Baxter has sent along some backgrounds he plucked from several Betty Boop cartoons. He didn’t identify all of them. These first two come from “Betty Boop’s Museum” (1932), which features skeletons aplenty.

And these are from some miscellaneous Boop cartoons, back when Betty was still lots of fun with anything and everything coming to life and little animals popping up for a gag then disappearing for the remainder of the film. ID’s by Mark Kausler are in the comment section (the ripples in the pool in the final one are animated).

Unfortunately, the Fleischer studio background artists at the time were anonymous on screen.


  1. Eric O. Costello6 February 2014 at 15:25

    Is the last one, with the swimming pool, from "Bimbo's Initiation?" And with the Capitol decked out like that, is that "Betty Boop for President?"

  2. Without looking them up, the first BG is from "Dizzy Dishes", the second is from "Betty Boop For President", third is from "Betty Boop For President", fourth is from "Dizzy Dishes" and the fifth is from "Bimbo's Initiation".