Monday 19 June 2023

Wanna Buy A...

Legend is Tex Avery wanted to have a group of ducks harassing Porky Pig in Porky’s Duck Hunt, but animator Bob Clampett convinced him it would be funnier to have only one screwball duck.

There is one scene that includes a number of heckling ducks. Row-boating Porky reaches to his sandwich to eat it and the ducks quack at him. He turns to fire his rifle at them and they fly away.

Porky goes back to the sandwich. In reused animation, the ducks return. Porky gets fouled up and instead of shooting at the ducks, he turns around his rifle.

As Porky stares wondering what just happened, we get a celebrity cameo appearance.

Danny Webb provides the voice of Joe “Wanna Buy a Duck?” Penner. (Late note: Keith Scott believes the voice belongs to Jackie Morrow. I'll defer to his knowledge about this).

Bobe Cannon and Virgil Ross are the credited animators.

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  1. I have no idea if the story about Clampett is true, but I imagine that it was not lost on Avery that animating one screwball duck was definitely more budget-friendly than animating a whole flock of them.