Tuesday 27 June 2023

Forget, It Flip. It's Chinatown

If they made this cartoon today, there would be outrage.

It’s enough it’s called Chinaman’s Chance, but it features Flip the Frog getting high on opium.

But no one saw anything wrong with showing it on TV kids programming in the 1950s. Kids back then turned out okay. Oh, well. People today are a product of their times.

Ub Iwerks’ staff employed some camera effects on a scene when Flip inhales and exhales the contents of an opium pipe in a hidden den in Chinatown.

There’s double-exposed animation and the camera not only appears to swirl around, parts of the footage are out of focus as Flip floats in the air.

Officer Flip comes upon jail escapee Chow Mein, but is so stoned, he thinks the evil Chow is a beautiful woman and caresses “her” face.

Flip comes down from his high and sees who he’s been putting the make on.

Iwerks gets the only credit in this 1933 release.

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