Thursday 22 June 2023

Bouncy Woodpecker

Arts and Flowers is an unusual cartoon as Woody Woodpecker is animated in ways that weren’t done very often. He’s got a stiff-legged loping walk, multiple heads and cross-eyed expressions in a number of scenes.

One scene has him behave like a tame version of the original Daffy Duck. He does handsprings and leaps as he leaves.

The credited animators are Don Patterson, Robert Bentley and Herman R. Cohen. The cartoon was released in 1956.

Some of the gags you can see coming. Homer Brightman and Frank J. Goldberg got story credits. Goldberg was somewhat infamous in Hollywood, called as a witness in a trial against Confidential magazine for supplying a story with dirt on—gasp!—Sonny Tufts.


  1. Hi Yowp, is that Frank J. GoldBERG or GoldMAN? This looks to be Don Patterson's animation to me, he put a lot of pep in to Woody's scenes. He also animated some outstanding Kellogg's Rice Krispies Woody commercials.

    1. Goldberg.
      The consensus is it's Patterson. I don't know who else at Lantz would have given him screwy animation like that.

  2. This was remade as one of the King Features Popeye TV cartoons, "Take It Easel". No writer's credit, but it has the same desert setting, a lot of the same gags, and almost the same ending, so Happy Homer likely happily recycled.

  3. Hans Christian Brando22 June 2023 at 18:50

    I always suspected Woody to be the love child of Daffy Duck and Bart Simpson.

  4. Don Patterson animated this scene. Without a doubt was the best animator the studio had at the time.

  5. In the fifth still down, Woody appears like Bart Simpson.