Thursday 8 June 2023

Big Heel-Watha Background

A pan over a Johnny Johnsen background was a favourite way for Tex Avery to start a cartoon. Generally, there was an overlay of some kind panned at a different speed to add depth.

These are parts of the opening background of Big Heel-Watha (1944). The tall fir trees in front are on an overlay. You can see they’re at different spots over the background, as the camera moves left to right.

I’m not certain about any of the Tex Avery’s MGM layout people at this point. Claude Smith designed characters and he may have done the setting layouts, too, though Avery supervised everything pretty closely.

Ed Love, Preston Blair and Ray Abrams animated the cartoon. The opening narration is by Frank Graham.

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  1. I love this era of backgrounds in MGM cartoons. They are quite beautiful.