Monday 18 May 2020

Writer Vs Writer

There’s going to be a fight, according to a poster that is actually part of a movie studio set in Hollywood Capers, a 1936 Warner Bros. cartoon.

To your right in the background is an advertisement for a match between “Punchy” Pierce and “Hurricane” Hardaway. The reference is to Leon Schlesinger’s writers Tedd Pierce and Bugs Hardaway.

The pool game poster mentions “Fency” Spencer, which would refer to musical director Norman Spencer, who dragged out his woodblock yet again in part of the score of this short.

The bartenders are signing the Wrubel/Dixon tune “Sweet Flossie Farmer.”

Here’s another inside joke: a memo signed by Ray Katz, who was the personel director at the studio (and Leon Schlesinger’s brother-in-law).

Jack King directed this short with the Schlesinger animal gang. We get Little Kitty, Oliver Owl, Miss Cud, Tommy Turtle and the star: Beans (voiced by Tommy Bond). Oh, there a grown-up version of Porky Pig for a few frames. Remind me not to have King place my bets at a race track. Chuck Jones and Ham Hamilton are animators; my guess is Jones is animating the scene where the ersatz Frankenstein monster is being blown by the wind machine.

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