Friday 1 May 2020

House of Yesterday

Remember the Tex Avery cartoon House of Tomorrow?

Tommy Morrison at Terrytoons did.

He grabbed the concept, complete with narrator, juicer and the mother-in-law and tossed them into Phoney News Flashes, released six years after the MGM spot-gagger.

“Here is one separate model which has one room for every member of the family—”

“—including mother-in-law.”

“Inside the house we find separate sleeping arrangements for Mr. and Mrs. Householder, Junior—”

“—and for mother-in-law.”

“Each kitchen is completely equipped including an all-inclusive super-juicer for Mr. and Mrs. For Junior—”

“—and for mother-in-law.”

You get the idea. Things go up-hill a bit from here; I actually liked the Cinemascope spoofs in the next scene.

As far as I can tell, Dayton Allen is using his real voice as the narrator. He later does a Durante impression.

Oh, I hope you noted the Mighty Mouse lamp in Junior’s room. Nothing like Paul Terry cross-promotion. Maybe he got the idea from his mother-in-law.


  1. Morrison and the rest of the Terry story people seemed to be trying a little bit harder for at least a hint of self-awareness in some of their non-CinemaScope efforts right before and just after Terry sold out to CBS, but before Gene Dietch's changeover (though some of the pre-Deitch CinemaScope Terrytoons could be among the oddest U.S. theatrical cartoons ever made).

  2. A bunch of gags from all over the place, including the gabby catcher, the catcher going into the wall, the ball spitting, saving taxes/going to the pen, and so forth.