Friday 15 May 2020

Apple For Teacher

Blackboard Jumble (released by MGM in 1956) is full of warmed over Tex Avery gags and reused Tex Avery animation with modern backgrounds by Fernando Montealegre.

One gag starts out with the world’s longest doorknob handle but turns into a bunch of stuff exploding in the southern wolf’s face, the same thing that happened to Spike in one of Avery’s Droopy cartoons earlier in the decade.

Irv Spence has an animation credit on this cartoon, along with journeymen Bill Schipek, Herman Cohen and Ken Southworth. Ed Benedict is the layout artist and Daws Butler provides uncredited voices.

Despite this being called a Droopy cartoon (and Bill Thompson’s greeting in the opening credits), Droopy doesn’t appear.

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  1. Other than Daws' voice work, the budget for this one couldn't have been much higher than the Academy-ratio cartoons from the late 40s-early 50s that Hanna-Barbera had remade in CinemaScope with the Don Driscoll backgrounds and a few cell recolorings.