Friday 29 May 2020


Dick Huemer’s fun, Fleischer-like, sense of humour is a welcome sight in the Scrappy cartoons made by the Charles Mintz studio for Columbia.

In 1932, there’s a cute extended gag as Oopy finds the “X” that marks the spot for buried riches, confirmed by Scrappy’s map.

Wait a minute! It’s not an “X” at all. It’s worms.

In a Fleischer-esque unexpected throwaway gag, one of the worms is riding a tricycle, using little, um, legs.

But Huemer isn’t finished. Another worm comes out of the hole and whistles. A flap opens in Oopy’s onesy. We’ll let the frames tell the rest of the gag.

Sid Marcus and Art Davis are the credited animators with Joe De Nat supplying the musical background.

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  1. How about that, kids? Pinworms, bedbugs...You won't find any of those in your fancy-schmancy Mickey Mouse cartoons!

    With their macrocephalic noggins and vacant black eyes, Oopy and Scrappy were ready-made Funko Pop! figures several decades before the fact.