Tuesday 15 October 2019

How to Turn a Car Inside Out

Puns, parodies and impersonations fill the screen in Tex Avery’s Thugs With Dirty Mugs, a 1939 short for Warner Bros., but there’s an impressive little scene involving the bank robbers’ getaway car.

It turns a corner. There are some frames where the car is tipped on an angle as Avery goes for a cinematic effect. Someone in his unit had to be able to draw a car convincingly for this.

The gag is the car skids to a stop and the force turns it around—and inside out. These are consecutive frames.

Sid Sutherland is the credited animator (or was until a Blue Ribbon re-issue in 1944). Jack Miller got a writer credit.

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  1. " Thugs With Dirty Mugs " was one of my youngest son's favorite cartoons when he was a child. Especially the puns and impersonations. We used to watch it on an old VHS cassette I dubbed from the first year of " Cartoon Network ".