Friday 11 October 2019

Fishy Flivver Fable

Farmer Al Falfa’s car radiator needs water, so he fills it up. The water spills over into the car.

After Farmer Al drives away, we discover there were fish in the water.

Now the topper to the gag. When the jalopy breaks down, Farmer Al tries to crank the starter. Suddenly, a large fish jumps out of the car and pulls it away into the distance.

Well, I liked the gag, anyway.

This is from a 1927 silent short Small Town Sheriff directed by Paul Terry for the Fables Studio, which later became Van Beuren.


  1. I gotta say, I don't know how you find it in you to critique some of these creakers like the Terrytoons and the Van Beurens. Sometimes, just reading the synopses of their so-called gags is enough to put me to sleep!

    1. There are some I like and some I'm not terribly crazy about.
      I'd rather watch a few weird gags out of the b&w Van Beurens than pretentiousness from other studios later on.

  2. Small Town Sheriff also had a truck listed "Aesops Fables Film Delivery". So does the Fables cartoons themselves exist in the Fables Universe? Or is that just Paul Terry or someone else on staff shamelessly self promoting their cartoons (Something that the studio would do for a while)

    1. They have a "Universe" now?
      Sounds like an inside gag to me.