Thursday 3 October 2019

Buckaroo Bugs Backgrounds

Bob Clampett saved a pile of work for his animators in Buckaroo Bugs. Other than a bit of effects animation, about the first 25 seconds of the cartoon is a camera is taken up panning and moving into and out of background art.

The camera zips back and forth as Mel Blanc, Bob Bruce and a female voice yell about the Masked Marauder.

What’d the Marauder get? All the cartoons from the town’s Victory Garden. There’s a slow pan over a background drawing setting up the situation.

Director Bob Clampett’s anonymous background and layout artist give us a couple of up shots. I can’t snip the scene together because a tree is on an overlay in the foreground and panned at a different rate than the background. Clampett does a fair bit of that during the cartoon.

Clampett and storyman Lou Lilly use Red Skelton’s Sheriff Deadeye as a model for Red Hot Rider, and end the short with another radio reference, the catchphrase of the quiz show Take It Or Leave It


  1. This cartoon is so extreme it's almost enjoyable.

  2. according to the Looney Tunes Wiki, it states that Tom McKimson did the layouts & Micheal Sasanoff did the Backgrounds cause it looks like it in these shots

  3. The Red Hot Rider the way he was drawn and voiced always reminded me of a cross between Sheriff Deadeye and Lennie Small. Victory Garden...sign of the times.