Tuesday 29 October 2019

Cat in a Guilded Cage

A cat is giving the evil eye to a sleeping bird in a cage in the Walter Lantz Musical Miniature The Overture to William Tell.

It’s the finale of an extended involving a violinist’s bow that just keeps going and going and going. In this part of the gag, the bow slides under the bird and carries it out of the door of its cage.

Rubber jowls move as the cat’s head turns to stare at the audience. Then the take. We’ll post the extreme.

Cut to the cat rushing to the edge of a fence to await the bird’s arrival. The frames are pretty self-explanatory. The cat keeps chomping down, moving to the left and until they’re back at the cage.

La Verne Harding and Casey Onaitis are the credited animators on this cartoon but surely others worked on it. Darrell Calker’s orchestrations of the Overture are top notch.

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