Friday, 6 July 2018

The Other Place

I’ll show those pigs that I’m not stuck.
If I can’t blow it down, I’ll blow it up.

The Big Bad Wolf in The Three Little Bops meets his demise in a typical Warren Foster joke. He moves further and further away so his fuse won’t get blown out but he ends up so far away, he blows himself up (to the sound of a saxophone which none of the pigs/bops are playing).

Well, the Big Bad Wolf was really gone
And with him went his corny horn.
Went out of this world without a trace.
Didn’t go to Heaven, was the other place.

Director Friz Freleng has the camera pan around the background.

Freleng makes makes a cut and pans down, then dissolves to the camera moving down some more and resting on animation of the wolf playing the trumpet softly.

Gerry Chiniquy and Bob Matz are the credited animators, with Irv Wyner providing stylised backgrounds.


  1. Friz Freleng always had characters going to Heaven or Hell, from Sylvester in Satan's Waiting to Nicodemus in Sunday Go to Meetin' Time.

  2. Stan Freberg does the voiceover in this, I believe.