Thursday, 26 July 2018

Don Quixote

You can tell Ub Iwerks’ Don Quixote is nuts because of the rolling cross-eyes when the character looks at the camera.

Here’s Iwerks’ version (actually his unidentified storywriters’) of the famous tilting-at-windmill scene from de Cervantes’ book where Quixote sees it as a giant.

In Iwerks’ version, the windmill spanks him.

And it takes on a personality, growing a face, and spanks him yet again.

Quixote eats some nails and clobbers it into a grave which rises from the ground (along with a headstone, followed by a picket fence, followed by a flower pot with a lily).

Carl Stalling melds together a nice score from well-known classical tunes, including a minor key variation on “The William Tell Overture” at the start, and his own bridging music. No animators are credited in this 1934 cartoon.

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