Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Hell Freezes Over

Betty Boop falls asleep inside her house on a snowy night and dreams she’s in Hell in Red Hot Mamma (released Feb. 2, 1934). Even though they’re not really menacing her all that much, she gives the cold shoulder to some imps, who freeze. She gives a cold stare to the head imp. The same thing happens.

Then Hell itself freezes over. The imps escape.

Willard Bowsky and Dave Tendlar get the screen animation credits. The Motion Picture Herald called the cartoon “an entertaining little filler.” Frankly, it could have been a little more nightmarish like the great Snow White released the previous year.

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  1. It's really the last Betty Boop cartoon to go all out on the sexual innuendo angle before the new production code came in (though "Betty Boop's Trial" would be the Fleischer's final effort before the total clean-up of Betty's storylines arrived).