Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Tex, I'll Have Leon's Ham and Eggs

There was a lot of borrowing going on in Tex Avery’s One Cab’s Family (1952). The basic concept of the disobedient little car trying to beat a train was lifted from Friz Freleng’s 1937 Warners cartoon Streamlined Greta Green. And Avery borrows from himself, lifting a gag from A Feud There Was (1938).

A hillbilly fires a huge assault cannon. Cut to a pig and a chicken eating feed from a plate. Kaboom! They turn into ham and eggs. Not only did Avery have the plate, ham and eggs drop from the sky in both cartoons, he had the camera pull in for a close-up.

You can see the later version of the gag in this post.

Tubby Millar gets the story credit on this cartoon; Rich Hogan and Roy Williams got it on the latter.

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  1. Since Friz's cartoon never got the Blue Ribbon treatment, Avery's effort was sort of the replacement for the re-release (and it's almost like a second generation thing, as Junior in Freleng's pre-war cartoon wants to be a risque taxicab, while 15 years later, dad's the boring taxi and now the son wants to be an even more exciting/dangerous 1950s hot-rod).

    The other interesting thing is Tex then basically copied from himself a year later, for "Little Johnny Jet", and that was the cartoon that ended up getting Tex his second and final Academy Award nomination at MGM.