Friday, 15 December 2017

Sylvester Meets Santa

A lovebird trying to commit suicide-by-cat pretends to be Santa in the Oscar-nominated Life With Feathers (released 1945). Sylvester is, naturally, completely fooled into thinking the beardless bird is the real St. Nick. He slobbers all over the place and leaps up and down. Here are some drawings.

These are consecutive frames. The action doesn’t match.

Virgil Ross gets the animation credit on this cartoon, with Tedd Pierce writing the story for the Friz Freleng unit.


  1. And this is the wonderful Virgil Ross' animation.

  2. This is also Sylvester's premiere, and unlike other long-running cartoon characters his design, personality and voice were pretty much set from the beginning. And since his voice is very close to Mel Blanc's natural speaking voice, it too stayed consistent. (I don't count the two Art Davis cartoon with a cat who looks somewhat, but sounds and acts nothing like Sylvester.)