Thursday, 7 December 2017

Booby Traps Brushwork

Snafu tries to escape from some booby traps (from the cartoon of the same name). Some admirable brushwork here.

Multiple eyes, and feet outlines, too.

This cartoon has close-up dialogue where you can see Snafu’s molars, a nice little hop/walk cycle, the “Endearing Young Charms” joke that Friz Freleng later used (Warren Foster at work?) and a booby trap made up of a woman’s...well, I suspect Bob Clampett sniggered at that one.


  1. I bet this is all stuff by Cal Dalton, especially the last drawing. He animated on several entries in the 40's by Friz Freleng, Frank Tashlin and Bob McKimson when he became a director; it's strange to see him animating for Clampett. He also animates footage in Clampett's other Snafu entry, "Fighting Tools".

  2. And the closeups with Snafu's molars are undoubtedly Rod Scribner.

  3. Endearing Charms was excellent when in the hands of one Yosemite Sam, a born villain than with the originally not-villianous Daffy. Robert McKimson and (I forgot the writer) used it in one of the only totally scored (Bill Lava) mid 1960s ROad Runners, and one of the only ones not at Format: "Rushing Roulette". Wile E., like Sam in Ballot Box BUnny and the enemy soldier in Booby Traps, was a natural villian, Daffy in Showbiz Bugs just largely seemed miscast (not entirely mind you just largely..) It all looks like Scribner animaiton;..SC

    1. The writer of that particular Road Runner was David Detiege (The New 3 Stooges, What's New, Mr. Magoo?, etc)..