Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Wolf Objects to Corny Old Opening

The wolf has just about had it with the fey narrator who tells the kiddies in the audience that Red Riding Hood is about to be pounced upon.

“Aw, stop it!” he shouts, throwing his hat onto the ground.

The wolf opens and closes his mouth during dialogue. The teeth change size.

This is, of course, from the famous Red Hot Riding Hood (1943), chock full of reaction takes and Red’s dance sequence by Preston Blair. None of the animators received credits in some of the early Avery cartoons at MGM.


  1. This is also the third Avery cartoon to be put into production, Yowp (after Blitz Wolf). It seems a few of Avery's early cartoons (his first 4) were released out of order for one reason or another (released after Dumb-Hounded, which is the forth)..

  2. Avery really let his animator go full Harman-Ising in the details on the wolf in the opening sequence (lots of teeth and lots of detail on the fur and tattered pants). Once we get to the modified story, the wolf gets far more streamlined into a character designed more for comedy than an actual Disney-wannabe fairy tale.