Tuesday 13 December 2016

Wally Pays Off

Wally Walrus (Jack Mather) adopts Woody Woodpecker (Ben Hardaway) as his son in Wacky-Bye Baby. One of the gags has Woody riding Wally on a carpet like a horse. However, a safe being pulled along the carpet. Yes, a safe. Everyone has a huge safe on a carpet runner.

If Shamus Culhane had been directing this, the off-camera impact between Wally and the safe would have resulted in a camera shake with drawings in long and close shot turned every which way. Not Lundy. He relies on a sound effect as the camera rests on a drawing for at least 32 frames.

Wally is turned into a slot machine. Lundy saves a bit on Walter Lantz’s United Artists budget by animating only a cycle of fruit drawings in Wally’s eyes.

Fade to the next scene.

Pat Matthews and Les Kline are among the animators, while Fred Brunish contributes some nice watercoloured backgrounds.


  1. The first scene with Wally riding is Ed Love, the scenes of the safe and slot machine are effects man Sid Pillet, and the shot of Woody getting the dough is probably Verne Harding.

  2. Yowp, the draft says that the horseback scene is Ed Love's, the safe on the rug is Ed Love's, the shot of Wally stuck in the safe and the close-up of his eyes is Sid Pillet's and Woody Getting the Jackpot is Verne Harding's. The way Woody is drawn in this scene really shows Fred Moore's design influence, especially in the "result" pose, which you didn't post.

  3. You're absolutely right Mark this animation reeks of Fred Moore the genius. What beautiful poses!!!