Monday, 5 December 2016

He Went That Way

“Which way did he go? Which way did he go?” A familiar line in a Tex Avery cartoon, isn’t it?

In Half-Pint Pygmy (1948), George says it, appropriately enough, at an information booth. The guy inside turns out to be a dopey octopus who weaves around before pointing in all directions.

George and Junior click their heels in the air and off they go after the title character.

Louie Schmitt and Bill Shull are still in the Tex Avery unit at this point, joined by Grant Simmons and Walt Clinton.


  1. Final George and Junior cartoon..This is, of course, suppressed due to the modern day sensibilities vs the typical 1940s pygmy character, which was,of course, just a typical type of 1940s ethnic character, and also may not have been shown due to George and Junior looking so different ("Tex Avery: King of Cartoons" by Joe Adamson, wryly figured that this was done to prove ONCE and for ALL----that the pair WERE just bears."So that's all settled". YouTube or something like might have this as I'm curious to see how the characters sounded if their design (and species?) were.

    1. "Half-Pint Pygmy" has aired on Turner Classic Movies, as part of an episode of "Cartoon Alley". Unfortunately is was a victim of DVNR.

  2. Octopus is more widely known as the Ink & Paint Club's bartender in Who Framed Roger Rabbit.