Thursday, 15 December 2016

The Haunted Cat Takes

I’ll bet you can guess who was responsible for odd takes in a few scenes near the end of The Haunted Cat, a 1951 Terrytoon.

Little Roquefort the mouse ties a ghost balloon to a cat’s tail. The cat (with different-sized eye whites and pupils every two frames) spots the “ghost.”

The shrinking head take!

The fuzzy take!

The cat then turns around while walking on its fingers. It’s animated on ones. Here’s one of the drawings.

A frightened, goofy take.

The mouse then uses a slingshot to blow apart the balloon. We get a growing head take.

The final two drawings alternate as the background slides to the right, then the cat races off into the next scene.

An usual, Jim Tyer and the rest of the Terry animators are uncredited.

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