Monday 29 December 2014

Thirsty Cat

“The Cat That Hated People” (1948) can be looked at as an anti-Communist love-letter to America, where you discover things in the Good Ol’ U.S.A. aren’t as bad as you think they are, and certainly better than the way you’re treated in a certain foreign country far away where everything’s strange.

Or is could be about an over-emotional cat.

Taking the latter into consideration, here’s a scene where the narrating cat (Keith Scott suspects it’s Pat McGeehan) complains that people “are always forgettin’ to put the cat out at night.” See how the cat is calmly sleeping then awakes with a start. Nice squash and stretch here by, I think, Grant Simmons.

One of several worried looks.

Here are a few drawings of the cat churning its feet in the air as it gets set to zoom to the front door.

He churns in the air again as he runs through the door.

Ah, good old American water!

Walter Clinton, Louie Schmitt and Bill Shull are credited on this cartoon besides Simmons. Schmitt drew the model sheets.


  1. 12/29/14 Wrote:
    As the cat complains, "And another stupid thing about people!" "They're always forgettin' to let the cat out at night!" The water cooler idea was classic. We all know what a cat does with it's business after a long drink of water. Great Jimmy Durante imitation of the cat's voice part.

    1. At least we're spared a shot of the cat grabbing his crotch in agony as they'd probably do these days.