Monday 15 December 2014

Magoo in the Comics, December 1964, Part 2

Here’s the last part of our series of Mr. Magoo daily cartoons from December 1964. It might seem odd that Magoo isn’t celebrating Christmas, considering he starred in the first Christmas cartoon TV special. But it may be, if I can wildly speculate, that the comics were reasonably new and there was no indication they would be in papers in time for the holidays.

Once again, Charlie appears.

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  1. Any idea who worked on this strip?

    1. Craig,

      I already explained in the last post. It's Pete Alvarado.

  2. How would Magoo know it was Christmastime if someone didn't tell him?

    I can see the potential strips now: mistaking Salvation Army Santas for panhandlers, using the Christmas tree for fireplace kindling ("Aw, Unk!"), and tossing old shoes at neighborhood carolers when he believes they're alley cats.

  3. 12/16/14 Wrote:
    Pete Alvarado's drawings are solid even if the humor is repetitive about Magoo's nearsightedness. If only Hank Saspertien treated Alvarado as an equal instead of an anatomy for drawing credits, I'd think that would be acceptable, but **GROAN!** you know corporations. The strip about Magoo giving his neighbor an instant haircut accidentally with his lawnmower was funny, if predictable.