Monday 8 December 2014

A Forest of Eds

Here’s part of a reaaaaaaly long background from Tex Avery’s “Field and Scream” which you’ll have to click on to view. Multiple Eds (named for designer Ed Benedict) are hiding behind the trees and rocks on overlaid cels waiting to bag a deer.

Johnny Johnsen was still painting backgrounds for Avery when this cartoon was made.


  1. 12/9/14 Wrote:
    One gag I'll always remember from this particular cartoon was the one that had a catch phrase that was repeated on the school bus as I was going to junior high school as a child: "Hey Mac, Where'd The Kid Go?" said by a school of fish to a confused Ed the fisherman after a country boy leaves the scene catching a mess of fish. a classic line.

    1. There was a similar scene in Road to Utopia, one of the two "Road" pictures that had animals "talking" with animated mouths courtesy of Jerry Fairbanks Productions. Bing and Bob are fishing; Bing is catching lots of fish, but Bob hasn't caught any. Bing leaves, and Bob finally catches a fish, but the fish asks "What happened to the other guy?".