Monday 15 December 2014


Mike Maltese used it in “Hare Trigger.” The western bad guy orders Bugs Bunny to draw a gun, so he draws a picture of a gun. Maltese re-worked the gag in the Woody Woodpecker cartoon “Square Shootin’ Square” about ten years later. The drawing of the gun fires. The western bad guy then gets out a pencil and draws a gun. Yeah, you know how it’s going to end.

Some of Maltese’s other gags in this cartoon (eg. the Calamity Jane phone routine) will remind you of stuff he wrote for Bugs and Yosemite Sam.

Herman Cohen, Gil Turner and Bob Bentley, all former Warner Bros. animators, got screen credit on this one.


  1. 12/15/14 Wrote:
    Needless to say, Friz Freeling did a more effective job with Mike Maltese's joke with Yosemite Sam or Daffy Duck than Paul J. Smith did with Dooley.

  2. The scene was animated by Herman Cohen.

  3. Thanks, Thad.
    Rob, yeah, there are whole routines in this that remind me of Warners cartoons (such as the "mine/yours" scene) where they were executed a lot better.