Thursday, 12 September 2013

Where Pete Hothead Shops

Here’s a background drawing from the UPA cartoon “Pete Hothead” (1952). The camera pans down from the clock tower as Pete (in silhouette at the bottom) waits for the store to open at 9 a.m.

Ted Parmalee designed the short, with Bob McIntosh and Bob Dranko getting “color” credits. Bill Scott co-wrote the story; having a character named Chauncey should be a dead giveaway he was involved if you know his work with Rocky and Bullwinkle. Scott also supplies a voice, as do Jim Backus, Marian Richman plus Jerry Hausner in the title role.

There was one more Pete short but the character doesn’t seem to have had enough going for him to make a series. Columbia was quite content to have UPA put together Mr Magoo cartoons, and UPA was quite content to make “art” films. Pete didn’t quite fit.

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