Monday, 16 September 2013

Escape From Grandma

Faster and more outrageous. That’s the difference between Tex Avery’s work at Warners and the cartoons he directed at MGM. It was an inevitable evolution.

Tex helmed a great spoof on the Red Riding Hood story at Warners in “Little Red Walking Hood.” But he picked up the pace and added even more outrageous reactions in “Red Hot Riding Hood” at Metro.

Here’s part of a scene where the Wolf crashes through the window of grandma’s penthouse to escape. Avery employs an old technique, inserting a coloured card in between animation drawings to heighten the impact. These are consecutive drawings; Avery had some animated on ones, some on twos and some on threes.

Ed Love, Ray Abrams and, of course, Preston Blair animated the cartoon. Sara Berner, Frank Graham and Kent Rogers provide the uncredited voices.

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