Monday, 2 September 2013

Disappearing Paper

Yosemite Sam tries to draw a gun in “Hare Trigger” (released 1945) but is thwarted by his own lack of skill. He may be thwarted a bit by the animation checker as part of the paper vanishes for four frames (the drawings are on twos).

Friz Freleng’s usual animation crew of the day got credit on this—Gerry Chiniquy, Manny Perez, Virgil Ross and Ken Champin. I imagine Warren Batchelder, Bob Matz and John Kennedy were among the assistant animators.


  1. To me, it's always been interesting to guess how some of the more egregious animation checking errors got there -- Lack of attention? Too little time to fix the mistake? Putting a gaffe in deliberately just to see if anyone noticed? Junior's head coming off his body while he's juggling Pa in "Bear Feat" is one of my favorite "How could they not notice that?" animation errors that got past camera.

  2. This, of course. was Sam's debut as well as those of more on screen credits.:)Steve

  3. The paper is still there, they just mixed up the levels. They put Sam on top of the paper