Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Whoa, Camel

You know the routine. It’s a Friz-Foster Favourite!

In “Sahara Hare,” we only get to see Sam clobber the camel to get it to go, not to stop. The scene is focused on Bugs Bunny, we hear the impact, then the scene cuts to Sam and the bopped camel.

Ted Bonnicksen worked on this cartoon in his brief spell as a Freleng animator, along with Gerry Chiniquy and Art Davis.

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  1. Foster didn't get story credit on Clampett's "Buckaroo Bugs", but he may have been lurking around the storyboards when the opening gag was devised of Red-Hot Ryder pleading with his horse to whoa before clubbing it into submission. Or Foster could have just remembered it from it's original source on the Red Skelton Show. But it works great for Sam, since he's a character who's both perpetually angry and continually frustrated.