Friday, 12 April 2013

Ring-Em White

Radio reference time again, this one from the Walter Lantz cartoon “Boogie Woogie Man” (1943). It’s not one you’ll see on TV any time soon, thanks to the very thick-lipped black caricatures in the second half. Well, and the nipples on the female ghosts in a few scenes.

During one sequence, three women spooks float up from under the stage and sing:

“Ring-em white, ring-em white
“Corny little wash-day goons.”

The tune’s a spoof of the Rinso jingle that could be heard on “Big Sister” and other radio shows of the era. Ghosts. Sheets. Ring-em. Get it? Oh, that Bugs Hardaway! Cle-ver!

Two of the ghosts return to under the stage, but one of the hammy ghosts remains. She’s pulled back under. The sequence is shot with each drawing on two frames.

La Verne Harding and Les Kline get the animation credits. Since there’s girl animation, Pat Matthews has got to be in here, too.


  1. Shamus Culhane gets director's credit here, but this looks and feels like a cartoon Culhane came into in the middle of production. The ghost girls may recall Shamus (and Matthews) later work in "Greatest Man In Siam" and "Abu Ben Boogie", but other parts seem like close cousins of Alex Lovy's earlier Swing Symphonies.

  2. I guess it's kind of appropriate for the Rinso jingle to be in a cartoon with black stereotypes, since Rinso was a sponsor of Amos & Andy.