Monday 10 December 2012

Squirrel Swirl

Tex Avery specialised in crazy takes, and you can find some in “Lonesome Lenny” (released in 1946). But there’s a neat little piece of animation where Screwy Squirrel jumps out of Lenny’s hands, swirls in the air, then lands on him. Here are 12 consecutive frames after some anticipatory drawings of Screwy.

Avery’s early team works on this one—Ray Abrams, Ed Love, Preston Blair and Walt Clinton. Mark Kausler, who knows these things, reports the scene is by Love. Backgrounds are by Johnny Johnsen.


  1. Hi Yowp,
    You've posted some Ed Love animation here, one of the old masters for sure!
    Mark Kausler

  2. Say, you said Screwy Squirrel jumped out of Meathead's hands. Don't you mean Lenny's hands?