Thursday 20 December 2012

Christmas Island!

The Woody Woodpecker cartoon “Bunco Busters” (1955) is known mainly for the line “If Woody had gone right to the police, this would never have happened.” But since we are in Christmas time of year, it’s fair to point out Santa Claus makes an appearance, too.

Buzz Buzzard pilots a tramp steamer and storyman Milt Schaffer gives us some corny sight gags. The boat passes some mine fields. Cut to miners going down a set of stairs into the mine-filled water. Buzz’s next port-of-call—Christmas Island.

Cut to, well, it’s not miners going down the stairs.

But Schaffer milks the gag too long. When Buzz shouts “Easter Island!” we know exactly what’s coming before we see it.

The animation’s by Herman Cohen, Bob Bentley and Gil Turner, with the backgrounds by Art Landy.


  1. They must have been low on paint, else the bunny would carry coloured eggs.

  2. Well, it is the Lantz studio.

  3. Very anthological, "Yowp-Yowp" Dodsworth.

  4. The spirit of Ben Hardaway lived on in the story department long after he left the Lantz studio. But at least at this point in the game there's still enough high spots in the Woody cartoons to offset the obvious puns.

  5. One of my favorite half hours of all time that episode