Tuesday 11 December 2012

Hare Do Smears

There are three spots with smear animation in the Friz Freleng cartoon “Hare Do.” I’ll post two. Here’s the first, after Bugs lures Elmer over a cliff.

And now Elmer weaches for his wifle, uh, reaches for his rifle.

The animation crew of Gerry Chiniquy, Virgil Ross, Manny Perez and Ken Champin worked on this one, with Pete Burness getting credit with his name hidden in the background.


  1. Burness and "Hopalong Shapiro" earn background mention from Paul Julian here. Would have really liked to have seen what that western was like.

    (Warners' pre- and post-48 cartoons were a divide built out of corporate $$$ decisions, but there really is something of a split right about that time between the pre-48 efforts, which were more expansive with their animation, and the post-48 cartoons, which seemed to be more story driven and concerned with stories that didn't tax the budget. "Hare-Do" is a post-48 short that feels more like a pre-48 one -- basically, a follow-up to 1944's "Stage Door Cartoon" -- aside from the smears, there's a lot of other funny motion in this short, including the Stampede of the Nicotine Addicts.)

  2. J.L., if they made Hopalong Shapiro, it'd probably feature Jewish Indians.
    Wasn't "Hi ho Shapiro!" a gag in one of Avery's travelogues at Warners?

  3. Nice smear animation courtesy of Virgil Ross, one of my favorite animators!!