Tuesday 9 May 2023

Switchboard, Switch Clothes

The Fleischers’ I Heard (1933) has some great music, characters trucking and bouncing, and not a lot of story. No matter. It’s still an enjoyable seven minutes.

The cartoon is set in a coal mine. Bimbo is a switchboard operator. A cat turns into a telephone.

A rhino has a candle for a horn. Or maybe it's a hippo with a candle on its snout. Anyway, it answers a phone call.

Betty gets a call as she’s single the title song. She heads to the mine shaft via a dumb waiter. It is appropriately named.

The rope holding the dumb waiter breaks. Nothing to worry about. It forms a hand and connects with itself.

The dumb waiter crashes down on Bimbo’s switchboard. They aren’t enforcing the Production Code yet, so we find Bimbo wearing Betty’s dress. He quickly tosses it over her.

Don Redman’s orchestra cooks along nicely in this short, animated by Willard Bowsky and Myron Waldman.

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  1. I wanna know where Betty's bra strap goes when she has that very little black dress on... ;D